OM Agency is honored to announce the opening of its new office in San Jose, Costa Rica. The new branch aims to dominate the new market by targeting its clients. This is the third office in their latest venture as OM Agency continues to provide the following services to new clients:

  • Web development and website management
  • Assessment of digital marketing needs.
  • The latest trends in application development

OM Agency’s new office intends to facilitate the new market by communicating with the clients who wish to invest in it. The feature is specifically helpful for foreigners seeking top-tier web management services. OM Agency understands there is much potential in Latin-American clients. Thus, establishing the new office in San Jose.
The new office in San Jose is led by OM Agency’s top-tier management, who have been associated with the company since its inception. They are experts in their field of work with uncontested ethical and professional values. Our management works closely with the operating core and support staff to ensure OM Agency experiences a competitive advantage.


Diverse Growth

The new office in San Jose is a diverse environment for individual and professional growth. It will house 15 employees on the start that will communicate with the new clients to understand their web development and digital market needs. We aim for our reliable services to translate into qualified sales every year.

OM Agency already provides services to its American and Costa Rican clients. We are a growing team of engineers and tech support that aims to design the most innovative products for streamlined use. Furthermore, we celebrate ethnic minorities and local talent as a testament to the OM Agency’s inclusivity core value.


Streamlined features

We are committed to attracting the most experienced workforce to provide qualified services. Our dynamic ecosystem offers intelligent solutions to market challenges to new clients.

The new office in San Jose is designed as “smart” and tech-centered. OM Agency will provide hybrid services that promote welfare, new clients, and employees. It offers terraces, a break room, and a coffee and snack bar.


Collaboration with the community

OM Agency has previously worked closely with the New York communities. We aim to continue to progress with the San Jose neighborhood too. The solutions and technology enhance the operations for the new clients. OM Agency will continue collaborating with local businesses and clients. We promote equal growth to unlock the true potential of single-member companies and sunrise businesses.


About OM Agency

OM Agency is a team of developers and designers with more than ten years of experience. Our experts understand the needs of today’s modern businesses. If you have queries about our operations or wish to learn more about our clients, Contact OM Agency here.